Getting Started

The Basics


yarn add @modfy/core
# Using Npm 
npm install @modfy/core
Using directly in the browser
<script src="https://unpkg.com/@modfy/[email protected]/lib/modfy.min.js"></script>


You need to authenticate yourself to be able to use any of the api features
You can get your tokens at https://api.modfy.video/dashboard
import Modfy from '@modfy/core'

const modfy = new Modfy({
  token: '',
  secretToken: 'sk_test_',
  clientSide: false // Optional value if you plan to use client side rendering. (Defaults to false)
We call all our processing tools operations, you can head to 🔄Operations

Client Side Processing

To use client side processing there are a few steps:
  1. Add clientSide : true when Modfy is intialized
  1. Make sure SharedArrayBuffer is supported on the browsers you are using
    1. To enable support for firefox, you will need to add a few Headers
      Follow 🔗Enable Shared Array Buffer or reach out to [email protected] for help
  1. Use client as type when using any operation

Default Browser Support


Client Side Caveats

  • Unfortunately this will only work in browsers that do support SharedArrayBuffer
    • We are working on an intelligent mode for the api, where it will automatically switch to server mode when needed tho.
  • Client Side Rendering has a file size limit of between 2-4gb This is also being worked on but currently a caveat