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Module "components/tour/steps"




Const steps

steps: ({ buttons: ({ classes: string; text: string; type: string } | { text: string; type: string })[]; classes: string; id: string; text: string[]; title: string } | { buttons: ({ classes: string; text: string; type: string } | { text: string; type: string })[]; id: string; text: string[]; title: string; attachTo: object })[] = [{id: 'welcome',title: 'Welcome to Modfy!',text: [`<p>This product is a completely browser-based video converter and compressor, which converts your video without uploading to any servers.</p><strong>This is a guided tour on how to use this product. Feel free to skip it at any time.</strong>`],classes: 'shepherd shepherd-welcome',buttons: [{type: 'cancel',classes: 'shepherd-button-secondary',text: 'Exit'},{type: 'next',text: 'Next'}]},{id: 'files',title: 'Adding Files',text: ['Just upload the files you want to process! You can upload video, audio, and image files.'],attachTo: { element: '.dropzone-wrapper', on: 'bottom' },buttons: [{type: 'back',classes: 'shepherd-button-secondary',text: 'Back'},{type: 'next',text: 'Next'}]},{id: 'configuration',title: 'Basic Features',text: [`<p>Choose your features here!</p>`],attachTo: { element: '.configuration-wrapper', on: 'left' },buttons: [{type: 'back',classes: 'shepherd-button-secondary',text: 'Back'},{type: 'next',text: 'Next'}]},{id: 'basic-features',title: 'Want to use advanced features?',text: [`<p>You want access all the features? Use our CLUI</p>`],attachTo: { element: '.basic-feature-toggle', on: 'top' },buttons: [{type: 'back',classes: 'shepherd-button-secondary',text: 'Back'},{type: 'next',text: 'Next'}]},{id: 'configuration',title: 'Advanced Options (CLUI)',text: [`<p>There are <strong>TWO</strong> primary types of settings available:</p><p><strong>Workflows</strong><p> A workflow is an automated series of features that are executed to give you a final video. <br /><i>An example of a workflow is to convert and then compress your video.</i></p></p><p><strong>Features</strong><p> A feature is a single, specific task.<br /> <i>An example of a feature is just converting your video.</i></p></p>`],attachTo: { element: '.configuration-wrapper', on: 'left' },buttons: [{type: 'back',classes: 'shepherd-button-secondary',text: 'Back'},{type: 'next',text: 'Next'}]},{id: 'configuration',title: 'Advanced Options /2',text: [`<p>Use your <i>keyboard</i> to choose the specific feature, workflow, and settings you want, then hit <b>Submit</b> and Modfy will do all the hard work for you!</p><p><i>Keep in mind that the larger the file or more complex the task, the longer Modfy will take to complete it.</i> </p><p><i>Feel free to just leave the tab open and come back later!</i></p>`],attachTo: { element: '.configuration-wrapper', on: 'left' },buttons: [{type: 'back',classes: 'shepherd-button-secondary',text: 'Back'},{type: 'complete',text: 'Done'}]}]

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