This page documents thow you can use an operation

Using Operations

Using operations are designed to be straight forward
Every operations has two main arguments
  1. Input files as an Array
  1. Type which represents how the operations should process, client or server
Additionally every operations will have it own arguments based on what it is doing
The file array can contain files of the following types (All files must be of same type)
  • String of File Path. (Only supported in Node)
  • Custom Object which has {name:string, buffer: Buffer}
    • With this object you can also pass an optional mineType:string which represents the type of the file. Example would be video/mp4
Full file reference is below
const processedFile = modfy.operations(inputFiles, type, ...args)
// Returns Promise<Uint8Array>

List of Operations

Request Operations

As we are in the early stages, we may not support your needed operation right away so feel free to shoot us an email