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Contributing a Codec

This is one of the most straightforward process, which requires zero code to do

Make sure ffmpeg supports your codec and find the ffmpeg cli command for the codec

  1. Create a .yml file in codecs/src with the name of your codec, the name of your file will be its key
  2. Add the required information below into your .yml file
# User facing name of your Codec
name: H.264

#  FFmpeg Compression Ranges
  min: 1
  max: 51

# FFmpeg CLI codec type,
# Just google ffmpeg command for the codec and find this
ffmpegLib: libx264
  1. Update the configuration of each format that supports this codecs, see more about format files at Formats
# Rest of Format File
  # Add your codec's file name here in FULL CAPS with no - or .
  - H264
  - MPEG4
  1. Submit Pull Request! Please include the ffmpeg command and format link from the ffmpeg docs.

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