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Contributing a Feature

This is a more involved process than adding a codec or format or workflow, but it is because there is far more customization potential

There are three main steps:

  1. Create A Feature Class
  2. Create a Feature UI
  3. Adding Your Feature

Feature Class

In summary, in this section you will be creating the child class of FFmpegFeature which will execute the functionality of your feature.

To achieve this, you only have to write three functions everything else is written for you.

Feature UI

Here, you will be creating the UI for your feature. Here is where the user will be interacting with your feature. Here

You don't have to build the UI components yourself, unless you want to. There are pre-made components for you.

Adding Your Feature

Here you simply record the feature you add it so it can be incorporated into the rest of the application

Pull Request

After these steps you can send us a pull request. As this pull request is likely to have a substantial amount of code, please comment it and document it well.

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