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Guide for Running Modfy.video

This file will just take you through how to install, build and run this project

  1. Install Modfy.video
  2. Build Modfy.video
  3. Running Modfy.video

Install Modfy.video

Clone the repository or fork it then clone the forked repository

git clone https://github.com/Mozilla-Open-Lab-Etwas/Video-Transcoder.git
yarn install
# or
npm install

We use yarn, you are free to use npm but please do not commit your package-lock.json file

Build Modfy.video

This project has a build step even before running the development server.

The below command generates the build time files for formats, codecs and workflows, the project will not load without this step.

yarn generate
# or
npm run-scripts generate

Running Modfy.video

yarn start
# or
npm start

Currently the project only supports Chromium, so please use a chromium browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari)

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